CorelDraw X6 Видео Уроки на русском

CorelDraw X6 video tutorials for beginner designers.

This program is a lot of admirers and a lot as well and those who do not like. Hundreds of forums are constantly discussing which of the better graphics editors and leaders usually remains Photoshop. Less preferred Illustrator, from the same company Adobe. But rather a case of faith and taste, just like in Windows, MacOS & opposing iOS and Android. What is the first graphical editor you use-and will become closer and more convenient.

Personally, but I began my acquaintance years 10-12 ago with Photoshop, version 7.0. Yes, Yes, exactly 8 version, and not like most version or Ss5 Ss3. The Photoshop was only advanced Paint (ohms) with some new features. This was in practice the lessons of Informatics, and getting started with the program caused no particular desire to use it on. So I gave up trying to draw and make collages. But already a freshman University we started exploring the program CorelDraw. And here I saw something quite new. Toolbar hardly resembled me Pjeint. All the tools were not familiar to me almost, with the exception of geometric shapes. And the tasks that we did in practice, seemed to me quite impossible previously.

A few years later I met with other graphics editors, mastered by most of their tools, even Adobe Indesign. For example, Illustrator is still a stranger to me and to the horror of inconvenient. Work with layers in Photoshop for Web design is not as easy as interacting with objects in Corel, in view of the fact that all objects are already vectors and easier to obratbotke. This is one of the biggest pluses. You do not need a list of layers and poking to find the desired layer in the folder you just hit an object or just his vydeljaesh’ and all, it is active and ready for further action. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, which is discussed in the video lessons.

That is why we have chosen for you the lessons that help you learn CorelDraw from the Azov. Version of the X 6 in our opinion the most convenient of all, therefore, we recommend you start with it, and then we’ll look at Web site design for example the previously mentioned image editors.

Lesson 1. Familiarity with the interface of CorelDraw X6

Lesson 2. New tools in Corel DRAW X 6

Lesson 3. Working with objects in Corel DRAW X 6

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