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Car search site search for STO

Poisk STO is an idea that was born in the heat of a long discussion on the topic: “what kind of service is also strongly needed as website and mobile application?” and answers it. Banal answers like: “store”, “coffee shop”, “Courier”. but only one option stood out from everyone. Idea of a site and applications to search for the nearest gas station, car wash, tire and other things that you will be able always to find that it is necessary for you. Going on a trip, you can immediately point out your itinerary outlining all along the way. Even when you’re already on the road, you can quickly look through a mobile application, having no computer at hand.

  • Web Development

  • Design

  • Content

  • SEO promotion

Project was conceived in early 2014 year but remains under development. Perhaps ImDesigner and come back to it, but not today. Design drew when Flat Design only included in vogue and on Material Design Google has not even thought of. The colors were chosen by the calm, blue colours. The emphasis was more on the Inbox functions and the possibility of their further expansion, by means of the introduction of new modules and expansion of application.

The results of the

Evaluation of the project

Logo Design
Website Design
сайт и приложение Poisk STO разработан в imdesigner.pro
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