About the client and objectives

StarBet bookmaker website (Scorbet)

Starbet another bookmaker, developed in our Web Studio creative design. Young project. Works in the market of Europe and the Middle East from 2016 onwards. A few months after launch, rebranding was made to change the name and logo on the Scor Bet.

  • Design

  • Development

  • Promotion

The project was developed from scratch and already at the stage of creating a logo for a brand’s image and status. Based on this and the black and gold were chosen colors that occasionally complements white. For the successful launch of the site was up and running in 3 advertising companies almost simultaneously. We have designed banners and promotional materials to all current promo companies afilishi partner sites.

The results

Evaluation of the project

Logo Design
Website Design
Banners & Slides
сайт Starbet разработан в imdesigner.pro
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